Tamil OCR

Hindi OCR


Text Recognition for TAMIL Documents

TamilOCR converts printed Tamil into digital text documents in Unicode encoding (read more about how OCR software works).

Digitized texts can be stored in different output formats including plain Unicode UTF-8 or RTF (Rich Text Format), and can be opened with text editors such as OpenOffice or Microsoft Word® for further processing.

TamilOCR yields accurate results for a wide range of modern Hindi fonts without training, saving the time otherwise needed to type Devanagari texts.

Key features of TamilOCR

  •     High recognition accuracy and speed
  •     Built-in classifiers for letters in modern Tamil texts - no training necessary!
  •     Unicode output
  •     Batch recognition: Import large numbers of images, and have them recognized "at one go".
  •     Directory processing: OCR complete directories.
  •     Training option for unusual and rare fonts
  •     Processes standard image formats (bmp, jpg, png, tiff, gif).
  •     We recommend using the program on Windows 7®. Tested on Windows XP®, SP31
  •     1Minor display issues with Unicode controls may occur on Windows XP®, SP3.

Recognized text can be exported as Unicode plain text or as RTF.


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